Xpure series filter is a high flow filter with tapered pore filter medium. The special pleat design contributes to its high product water quality and large usable filtering surface area. Filtration and support structure are all made of PP material without pollution and corrosion, which guarantees the filtered water quality. Filtration accuracy is available from 1μm to 100 μm that can be applied to different filtration process requirements.

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Features & Benefits

  • Special pleat design & high filtering area
  • All polypropylene material
  • Uniform flow channel,high flux,super support protection both inside and outside
  • Hot melt welding, no chemical adhesive, no pollution
  • Excellent chemical stability,good corrosion resistance
  • Optimized design of the fluid water conditions, strong resistance to deformation
  • Multilayer tapered pore size,filter with high efficiency,wide adaptation and long service life


  • RO/EDI protection
  • RO/UF cleaning protection
  • Process water filtering
  • Food and beverage purification
  • Chemical raw materials purification and separation

QA & Service

  • accuracy/efficiency/integrity/performance test
  • Special interface matching & customization
  • 7X24hr quick response

Operating parameters

  • Max operating temperature:80℃@△P=1.5bar
  • Standard replace pressure:2.5bar@25℃
  • Max replace pressure:3.5bar@25℃

According to the application of different water quality and conditions, clients should contact with the XMEM’s sales representatives. The professional technical staff will help you to choose the filter with the most suitable filter accuracy, the best flux and the most affordable replacement cycle.

Selection guide

XPU-E -PP-100-60-T-E
Product Name Filter Material Micron Rating Cartridge Length Connector Type Gasket Material
XPU-E pp 5μm 20in H EPDM
GF 10μm 40in M NBR
PB 20μm 60in P SIL
30μm T VITON
50μm D

If you have special requirements for the product, special custom interface and sealing materials, please contact XMEM sales representative.