Typical application

• Semiconductors
• Microelectronic technology
• Medical and pharmaceutical
• Chemical industry
• power station
• General industry

Features & Benifits

• Continuous and stable high quality product 
• Full filled resin effectively improves the stability of product.
• Proprietary manufacturing technology
• Special electrical wiring design, quick installation, easy maintenance and excellent insulation performance
• Double O-ring seal could ensure that no leakage occurs during operation
• Reliable stack rebuild service, flexible and worry-free warranty policy
• Standard detection processes, product warranty of time and performance
• Imported core components

Quality Assurance

  • 100% Stacks pre-delivery inspection
  • The quality of water produced at the factory is greater than 16MOhm-cm
  • CE

EDI Working principle diagram


The typical flow diagram

Data sheet

Maximum feed water specifications
Total exchangeable anions (TEA as CaCO3) <25mg/L
Silicon dioxide <1.0ppm
Iron, manganese, sulfide <0.01ppm
Total hardness( as CaCO3) <1.0ppm
Grease Non-detected
SDI 15 <1.0
Oxidizing agent Non-detected
Dissolved organic matter(TOC) <0.5ppm
Turbidity <1.0NTU
Chroma <5.0APHA
Operating PH 6-9
Operating temperature 5-45℃
Inlet Pressure ≤ 7 bar
Operating parameters
Current(A) <5
Operating pressure(bar) 2.8-5.0
Standard pressure drop(bar) 1.4-2.8
Recovery 85-95%
Product resistivity >16MOhm-cm
Silicon removal rate Up to 99%(Depends on the feed conditions)
Boron removal rate >95%(Depends on the feed conditions)
Actual performance may vary due to site conditions
Xpure Stack Specifications
Nominal flow(m³/h) 0.5 2.8 3.8 5.6 7.0 9.0
Flow rate range(m³/h) 0.3-0.65 1.3-3.8 1.7-4.5 2.6-6.8 4.2-9.1 6.7-10.2
Voltage (VDC) 0-55 0-240 0-300 0-400 0-500 0-600

The information provided in this brochure is only for general descriptions and product features. The contents may be different from the actual application. The brochure will be updated with further development of the product.