X-CLOUD Data Service is an intelligent management platform which integrates Internet of Things with the membrane system. It is derived from XMEM’s distributed applications in Europe for many years. Remote system connects the Cloud through the data box, therefore, remote intelligent management is introduced into the membrane system. Through that, the membrane operation data and maintenance system can be monitored and analyzed for real-time. Cloud data could be transferred to PC webpage or mobile phone WeChat through the wireless network ,which achieves remote intelligent management.

Real-time data
synchronous display the system operating parameters
pressure/flow/water quality
Historical curve
personalized searching about history parameters
comparative analysis
trend judgment
Alarm push
timely detection of abnormal circumstances
Expert service
Real-time interaction
Common perspective
Analyze specific issues
  • Compatible with various PLC protocols
  • Customize the selection of data range
  • International standard certification, safe and secure
  • Mobile office management
  • System optimization to reduce failures and hidden trouble
model BOX-4G
network access method Ethernet、4G
CPU 300MHz ARM Coretex-A8
storage 128MB Flash+128MB DDR3
SD Card compatible
Communication port COM1:RS232/RS485/RS422
Overall dimensions 130mmx94x48mm
Total weight 400g

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